Occurs on Sunday June 14 2020

Approximate running time: 1 hour


Kay White Hall Theater
19600 Vashon Highway SW
Vashon Island WA 98070

Performance Notes

× Sunday, June 14, 4:00 pm
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door | $5 for youth
Music History Talk with Michael Tracy: Beethoven, The Early Years: 1770-1802

Beethoven’s formative years were spent in Bonn, Germany until 1791 when he left for Vienna, Austria, then the leading musical and cultural capital of the world. Soon this young virtuoso pianist, who was clearly the heir to Haydn and Mozart, dazzled the salons of aristocrats. His first six symphonies, the first 7 quartets, and the first 15 piano sonatas mark a few of the major compositional works that are still performed on concert stages throughout the world. However, by age 28 Beethoven experienced ringing in his ears, losing the ability to hear high pitches, and faced the greatest horror for any musician: complete hearing loss. Lecture II, covering the years 1802-1827, will be held next season on November 29.

During the 2020 season Vashon Center for the Arts will present three lecture-concerts with host and lecturer Michael Tracy accompanied by Seattle-area musicians in an in-depth, multi-media review of renowned composers discussing their lives, cultural milieu, and social environment. This intimate look into their lives and works provides a deeply personal experience with the music. Since his life spanned 57 years, with hundreds of compositions for piano, orchestra, chorus, string quartet, opera, song, etc., it would be impossible to do justice to a great musical genius in a single lecture. So for this anniversary VCA audiences will be treated to two lectures covering the amazingly productive life of Beethoven. Note that the second lecture will be held in November 2020. Michael Tracy will be joined at both lectures by Mark Salman and his sons Benjamin and Jonathan, who will play and discuss some of Beethoven’s composition masterpieces.

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